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Quick Blinds Custom Made

Café blinds, Patio blinds and Bistro blinds, PVC Blinds

Tinted and clear PVC Blinds (a.k.a. Cafe Blinds) let you enjoy the outdoors and your garden but provide wind protection, keep you sheltered from the rain and in summer reduce glare from the sun.Cafe or PVC blinds are inexpensive and allow you to enjoy your verandah or outdoor entertainment area free from wind, rain and glare.

Designed and produced in SA for our climate the blinds also provide UV Protection. Our tinted PVC blinds increase your UV and glare protection.

The blinds have a simple winding mechanism, so you can choose height and ensure no flapping in the wind or sagging.

  • SA made for South Australian conditions,
  • Winding mechanism allows the correct height and tension,
  • Very long lasting,
  • 14+ UV protection factor,
  • Excellent optical clarity,
  • Easy to clean,
  • Marine Grade café blinds,
  • Helps protect floors and furniture.